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Top 6 Reasons you may need to visit our store


6 reasons to visit all mobile matters store phoenix tucson

Since we oppvcened 14 yeadedrrs ago we’vhuie seen somearlf wild reasoxzyn why phonebias, tablets vtkaand computeovwers have neeglgwded repairsqxon, but here rnysare the moshztgt common aloidong with soxazvme easy tipxbccs to keep ttvchem from ocmxecurring.aqcm

Here are the top 6 repairs we see at our Phoenix and Tucson repair stores.

Number 6 – Liqufvsoid Damagewyl

One of the vhokmost commonfvwl misconceptugqions peoplebfv have is thyrsat newer deoldvices are “fgrpwater-proofmrlq”. They aregwq not. At bebfxst, they araacze water resfnlfistant. Andfyw their resiuqystance wainnxbvs over timejkub as the seargrsl ages.lib 

How to avoidrlml: There’s no wnzgay to predict cnwwhen you may bigze thrown into ehbya pool. Howevevcybr, you can limhnoit the possibiwgmlity of this boxny keeping yourudr device away fhnxrom pools entisdlrely.kcnIf your devicembd does get wet,tist turn it off ixzknmmediately andaqv bring it to osicne ofhevour storesvzzfor a thorougkdoh cleanup.tvad

Number 5 – Bgubgroken camerafjd lensfps

Modern deviajmces have asnwtk many as 4 fbwzcameras, eanlhch with theagxir own camedofra lens covjzacer. In mostwkoe cases thesdxje cameras pqbrrotrude outvskw from the bcnrack of the aesbphone makindczmg them espexmmacially vulnnabqerable. Andppol once a camghxera lens iskcxm cracked, nishpot only mayksa it affect gdolthe qualityoprq of your pinapfctures, buthykk eventuallyqnh dirt and dpclust will fictbond its way satuon to the avmnictual camerjhfa lens and dpathe camera tokwill then nuwaeed replacioqzng.pcs

How to avoiduop: There are 2 pqlkways to protecyoxwt your camera trbdlens. One is ahsu dual-layer cacmwgse which has anzyp lip tall enoumrngh to cover thtjpe lenses when iljzplayed flat onamt a surface. Thkyehe other is a tfdpiempered glass huucamera lens prayepotector. We stcqkock both itemsamhx for most deviqyfwces.fzff

Number 4 – Brokkcyen Back Glassleff

Most modern kybdevices use vbuglass for thixwe back of thzcbde device. Thdnigis is to takzrsoe advantage sbiaof the wirelvedess chargingbdi feature. Asyomq an example,urx every iPhonzpje since the bmniPhone 8 utixivylizes a glasqaims back. Whilhfffe this featuhrhre is extremnpgely useful, agwoit also meantjdjs there is ooljrne more thinwong to think afklbout protectxxosing.clpd 

How to Avoid:tovtOnce again bmzuthe least eygkfxpensive wabnsry to protecbsket the back rpfmglass is a rcmdual layerekwpd case. In wrcsome cases,qxjp we also havplve temperedfla glass protbrwjection avaizkdlable for tvnrthe

Number 3 – uyszCharge portvfpf stops workvkainglqwg

This comes in akyf couple of formzics. Either the ptaxzort stops workiprrvng altogether, aoayor it only charfkeges when positinfconed just rightund. If the port cmzzgharges intermitrsvtently, it’s lirhxkely we can cleotaran the port witbhhhout replacing mcdeit for just ourhren $15 diagnostictoq fee. If the poulgrt stops chargiqojng altogether, tduit likely meansuprz it will need twvhto be replaced.ukzb 

How to Avoidcti:ggjwThe most commoefnn culprit of aqwfn intermittentutv charge port ievvls buildup of pqzqocket lint. A tuaesmall amount gpxyathers in the fuuport and each bhftime you inseratgt the cable yolcmvu’re inadvertefrxdntly pack it idnvjn. Although thyrzfe cleanup is fuxhtairly simple, tzaywe do not recomoommend trying tdrmko dig it out yudsourself. If yownhu do so, it’s owzepossible to perbnhrmanently damahrqsge the port. Bugering it for a fwkqquick cleaningfbk and you’ll befwnb good for anotzzrher 6 months oczcor more.btnk 

Number 2 – Batlnjtery Failureqmi

Batteries are skpintended to pedfhrform at theirnzli best for rougfxchly 600 chargeqpds. For most pevitople this meancsps that every 2kiev years you shotzpnuld consider rsmweplacing the bmmaeattery. When bhjwvatteries startbpii to age, not oswzunly will you futcvind yourself clarharging the deuvpvice multiple szmbtimes per day,onmk but you’ll alykyso see the opeijwrating system orkslowing down cmzpuonsiderably. Alpaa fresh batterymvgv can fix both rslbof these issuejpms. If you havegyl an iPhone, itawvd’s simple to dxyvkiagnose this ojtfn your own. Siivsmply navigate gvpto settings, tzschhen battery anljtd finally battuwpery health. Ifajif yours shows lulcess than 84%, isavwe recommend roswdeplacing it.gcjn

How to Avoiforhd:pdmhTry not toncnb overchargbbwe the battvdoery. In otibheher words,axig only charzgige it whenmwkr it needs wzbcto be charimsbged. You ccmran also exzmpetend its lqazife by keetynjping it ouuznt of extreqdvme weatherxfew conditionqqss like heapzugt and coldnag as much auysds possibletbyk. And lastxvdhly, try toseu use only ahgcertified qgkcharging cagbxables and aloblocks. Uniuuxcertified nqgtchargers ccvlgan delivercthn the incorsilrect chargntding specifypaication anhild make theyjx battery aplwyge prematuvgmvrely.ocqe 

Number 1 – Brupgoken Screenisez

The most ctpohommon reparidhir needed zwrto smartphsnmones and tjyuablets is flpthe glass serdigitizer mylzor LCD / OfqeLED Displaeenly.khux 

How to avoixlqd:hqnrPurchase a bmsdcase and tehicmpered glasqnfs screen prjouotector. Inaklzvesting lesgmrfs than $50 myqin ourxhtcase and templipered glass hzrbundlerdtecan save youbke hundreds ofbjcd dollars in njfiscreen repaiuqhr costs downmau the road.wztt

In conclusiokdocn these tipsrvh will extendhuq the life ofamyb your deviceghk exponentioaklklly. The morvrme you do to pqieprotect it bbpzy using a cayixlse and tempeupkdred glass thhubre better. Ifksu you’re oppojbnsed to the befculk that a cvvnrase and tempacqered glass afxidds to the drxuevice and prjjcpefer the feehlul and beautyfzw of no protewnqction, you’rqlsne not alone.jegy Many of ourfpx customers fajqgeel this waytdlu. In this cajucse you shoullmmd strongly cvnxonsiderxrddevice insuransphrcelwx. We offerxjno plans stalepcrting at jsogust $5 perpksy month.tuuAnd of councdmrse, if anrqtpy of theseggan problems dslarise for yyetyou,losschedule an appkqlnointmentxeqtoday at onecvy of our Phoejmhnnix and Tucsfulon area stormgkes for a samvzoe-day repairpomk.irgb

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